After the United States signed a defense treaty to defend the island of Taiwan, many assigned American soldiers were located near Tianmu where the White House Tianmu was constructed.

Since the Americans left the area, the area has been degraded. In 2004, local residents wanted to preserve the building and it was later designated as a city historical site. Since 2012, the Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (URO) had been actively engage with the local residents through seminars and workshops. Two documentary films have been produce on this historical site, and an organization has founded to host the White House Tianmu Cultural Festival. Local residents wanted the house to become an Urban Regeneration Station to redevelopment the surrounding community. By 2014, the ownership of White House Tianmu has been transferred from the Bank of Taiwan to the URO. The URO wanted to break stereotypes historical sites by injecting a variety of different activities. Furthermore, the URS project have also partnered with local education institutions to expand participation and formulate creative activities to promote urban regeneration.


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